Is Banfill-Locke Haunted? Paranormal Investigator 'Leaning Towards Yes.'

Cory Miller, a Twin Cities paranormal investigator, said he found "orbs" in pictures taken at Fridley's Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts.

Cory Miller and Scott Roschen's is wrapping up.

Miller, the founder of Twin Cities Paranormal Research and Investigation, said he'll be issuing final findings soon but that initial signs point to the East River Road arts center being haunted.

Miller said he detected "electronic voice phenomenon" and received responses to questions using his high-tech "spirit box."

"We had some interesting things happen throughout the night," he said, "and we also got a few intelligent responses to the questions we were asking."

Miller said he plans to show new videos of paranormal phenomena to volunteers at the arts center before posting them on his website.


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