After Ghost-Slapping Incident, Paranormal Investigator Pronounces Banfill-Locke Haunted

Cory Miller, a Twin Cities paranormal investigator, believes he found a "spirit hand" in a tunnel underneath Fridley's Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts.

Cory Miller has been investigating at the for , and now he's claiming he's received "enough solid intelligent responses" from the supernatural realm to definitively say that the arts center on East River Road in Fridley is haunted.

"There is nothing there that we felt is trying to scare anybody, but there is definitely some lingering spirit energy inside that building that we feel is reaching out to the volunteers," he said.

Miller, the founder of Twin Cities Paranormal Research and Investigation, recently processed the video from a trip through Banfill-Locke's Prohibition-era underground tunnel and, after examining still frames, found a "unidentifiable anomoly" that he believes to be a spirit "hand reaching out to slap or touch our investigator Mark."

Previously, Miller's equipment registered spirit orbs and phantom voices at the arts center.

Miller has edited the video from Banfill-Locke down to about ten minutes and posted it to YouTube as a trailer for an upcoming web series. (The video is viewable above. There is some coarse language.)

Miller said he will further investigate Banfill-Locke in a few weeks after he receives new equipment in the mail.

More on the supernatural at Banfill-Locke:

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