Video Teaser: '(Re)discovering the Spirit of Fridley'

Native son Chuck Olsen returns with the 'Record' button pressed.

Chuck Olsen grew up in Fridley a long, long time ago—and now he's back, videocam in hand, for (Re)discovering the Spirit of Fridley, a series of videos that will run through the summer months at Fridley Patch.

Olsen said he sees the series as a "personal history trip through Fridley. I imagine along the way I'll learn things have changed, and some have not." He'll revisit old stomping grounds like ("where'd I'd sneak off when I should've been playing T-ball at "). Other locales from his memory: "Fishing and canoeing on Rice Creek; exploring the then-undeveloped industrial areas off of East River Road via Huffy bike; playing Rambo with a machete in what is now condos bordering on Spring Lake Park."

What would you show off about Fridley to a visitor from another planet? Because, despite his native-son status, that pretty much describes the off-beat Olsen. You could use the Vulcan mind-meld method to suggest something for him to (re)capture—or just type it out in the comments section below.


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