More Coyotes around Fridley? Maybe, Maybe Not

Coyotes are 'endemic' in suburbs and even cities—and more active in the fall.

Are coyotes coming around a lot more lately in Fridley? Could be. Commenters at the Fridley Patch Facebook page had a lot of sightings, stories and opinions in response to one neighbor's observation of a coyote in the 4500 block of Third Street NE:

  • I'd be shocked if there WASN'T a coyote in that area - a few blocks from the river - especially with all the squirrels and rabbits I've seen lately.
  •  I told my daughter never EVER go near a 'dog' that is not with an owner. School and all that ya know - out of mommies sight. But no... I would have a heart attack if I ever did!
  •  We had one a couple years ago in that area but haven't seen one since...there was a fox den over here too this summer. Usually we only see deer occasionally and now everything else is showing up...
  • 5200 block of Pierce St we see a lot animals. I guess some of my neighbors have seen one. I have seen deer, fox, turkeys, possum and raccoons.
  • We have quite a number of these guys in Rush City (from Fridley); they are very timid and scared of people.. never ever heard of them attacking any human... just small critters.
  • They're most likely around all the time. Not a big surprise guys.
  • We saw one running across Lowry Ave just a couple blocks west of Johnson St NE a year or two ago.
  • They are over along the Creek along with the Fox keeping th rabbit population down, but staring to think there are no longer enough rabbits around so they are moving out.
  • Nope, though from the back that looks exactly like my dog.
  • Had one running right down the middle of the street on Van Buren the other day in broad daylight. In SLP but just on the border.
  • My neighbor snapped a picture of one in their yard. Channel Rd. Also a Fox that has no fear of people and picks of stray cats So keep your dang cats and little dogs in the house people
  • Have one around here periodically...76th Ave and Able. We had a fox standing by our neighbor's garage last week. Another neighbor has several pictures of another fox sighting last year.

Siah St. Clair, director at the City of Fridley's Springbrook Nature Center, offered by email several reasons people might be seeing coyotes more this time of year:

Coyotes are endemic to suburban and even urban areas of the Twin Cities.  The number of sightings have increased in recent years, which may or may not suggest an increase in population size.  While still very wary and elusive, they can be bold and approach someone walking a small dog.  When coyotes are present, small dogs should not be left unattended.

In the fall young coyotes are starting to disperse to new areas, and adults are freed up from raising young and have more time to patrol their territories.  And since the leaves are down, there is a better chance of seeing them. 

What's your wildlife story? Leave a comment below or upload a photo to this post.


  • Coyotes Seen across Metro Area

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