'It Was So Ugly': The Star Tribune Visits Fridley's 1970s Exhibit

That comment was for a planter another visitor recalled on seeing 'Christmas in the 1970s' at the Fridley History Center.

The Christmas in the 1970s show at the Fridley History Center got wider exposure in the Star Tribune's North Metro section Wednesday:

Deb Youngsjostrom, a Fridley resident who was at the Fridley exhibit with her mom and sister on opening day, said of the '70s: "It doesn't seem like it was so many years ago."

A wooden spinning wheel-shaped lamp in the living room reminded her of a planter she once had. "I haven't thought about that planter in years," she said, adding, "It was so ugly."

Board games like Battleship, Sorry and Miss America also brought back memories. "I'm a huge fan of board games," she said. "I think I had all of these."

For Fridley resident Brett Hotzler, the faux fireplace stood out. While he was growing up, his family placed presents around a similar fireplace set up near a pool table. His girlfriend, Anita Ewald, was drawn to the rotary phone, which made her think of her grandparents. She also spotted a farmhouse picture that "everybody had."

But for the some of the exhibit's youngest visitors, the retro rooms made a different impression. Chantel Sorman, of Minneapolis, said her 11-year-old daughter, Emily Lene, was dumbstruck by the sight of the heavy TV. "It was fun and interesting to go back and see where we came from," she said, adding, "We had a great time."

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