INTERACTIVE MAP: Your Family Holidays, Your 1970s

Where did your family celebrate holidays in the 1970s? Place a pin marker, leave a comment, add a photo—inspired by the Fridley History Center's 'Christmas in the 1970s' exhibit.

Where do you remember celebrating family holidays? Add a pin to this map and tell the story or upload a photo.

The inspiration for this interactive map is the , which opens Saturday, Nov. 10, 2012. Add your pin:

  • Where you celebrated Christmas, or another holiday, 1970s or other era
  • Where you lived or worked in Fridley in the 1970s

To place a pin, click the Add button in the top right corner of the map (or the Additions on the menu bar). Fill out the fields that pop up. Tell a bit about your memory in the Description box and use the photo uploader to add a picture. When you're done, click Submit.


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