GPS FRIDLEY: Jupiter Road NE and ... the planet Jupiter

Virtually visit faraway places that parts of Fridley are named for.

Take a trip via YouTube to Jupiter, the planet that shares a name with Jupiter Road NE in Fridley.

Just last month, NASA launched the Juno probe to go deep into Jupiter's mysterious atmosphere.

The gaseous orb may be big, but it doesn't have play equipment like , which lies to the east alongside Jupiter Road's entire one-block length.

Thanks to Courtney Rathke for suggesting GPS FRIDLEY take a trip to Outer Space at the Fridley Patch Facebook page

On earlier voyages, GPS FRIDLEY has explored the (namesake of the in Fridley) and (which lends its name to Windermere Drive and Circle NE in Fridley).

What sites in Fridley are named for places somewhere in (our out of) the world that you would like to explore via YouTube? Leave your suggestions in comments below.


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