FRIDLEY ON YOUTUBE: Local 'Bros' Give Away Money in Downtown Mpls.

They commit random acts of kindness—to strangers in need, on video.

A Fridley foursome—or so it appears—makes a trip into downtown Minneapolis to give away cash to people in need they meet on the street in this YouTube clip: 

This Christmas, as a group of friends, we decided to do what we could to give back to our city. We made some Christmas cards and placed cash in them, then went downtown and handed them out to people who may need the money more, and we had a lot of fun doing it! Thanks to all who participated and be on the lookout for the 2013 edition!

If you know more about The 2012 Bros Christmas Giveaway or other random acts of kindness, leave a comment below—or post a free announcement at Fridley Patch like this one at Golden Valley Patch. (Just be sure to login first.)


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