UPDATED: Fridley Boy Hurt in Bike Crash Leaves ICU

Roman Kotas is out of intensive care at HCMC.

Updated below: Roman Kotas, the on Mississippi Street NE, was able to move out of the intensive care unit at Hennepin County Medical Center on Monday. 

At his CaringBridge website, Kotas' mother Wendy wrote, "It's really wonderful to see how quickly things are progressing." For Roman though, the recovery process isn't all rosy: 

The therapists have begun to try to figure out where he's at in terms of his memory and he gets very frustrated when he can't remember things that he knows that he knows.

Another frustration, from the day before: 

One of the med students was giving him an exam today and asking him to respond to a lot of questions. When she said, "Roman, how do you feel that you are doing?" he said, "Badly." When asked why he said, "Because people won't stop asking me questions."

But he does want to use to reach out: 

Clearly, Roman is not going to let anyone get away with much of anything. But, he's also being really cooperative and polite -- he thanks the nurses when they do something for him. This morning he was feeling a little lonely -- he told his nurse, Agnes, that he wanted "his people." So they called us and we had the pleasure of waking up to a phone call from our son. 

The family is preparing for Roman's likely relocation to Gillette Children's Hospital in St. Paul. 

Update (Thursday, 7:30 p.m.): Roman's mother reported today there have been some minor setbacks that will delay his move to Gillette. But things are looking up in other areas:

He's far more interested in the fact that his swallowing test was a roaring success and he's been cleared to eat anything he wants. Pasta, ice cream, peaches, bananas, and more ice cream have been flying off the shelves of the hospital refrigerators. Wojtek brought him some of his favorite Peach Snapple today and he was delighted. In addition to eating and then eating some more, we plan to spend the weekend getting him up and about as much as possible. There is a patio on the first floor of one of the hospital buildings and Roman really likes to be taken out there, especially on a beautiful day like this. For all of the ups and downs of this healing process, we're pretty delighted to just sit on the patio with Roman and watch the world go by. 


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