Free Identity Theft Workshop for All Your Employees, Family and Friends!

Did you know that in the past seven years, 608,199,147 breaches have occurred?  Over 100 million of them involve veterans and military…since there are approximately 316 million Americans in this country…the numbers speak for themselves.

If you had the power to educate and protect your family, friends, relatives, neighbors, employees and colleagues against the devastating affects of identity theft….would you?

Our “free” identity theft workshop gives you the power to do just that! 

Your gift of knowledge about this serious topic will help those close to you make informed decisions about how to protect themselves if and when they become a victim.  Those targeted in your organization will be spending up to 600 hours of your company time trying to resolve their identity issues.

Here’s what this workshop will provide:

  1. demonstrate significant evidence surrounding our country’s largest consumer complaint for the 13th year in a row (Federal Trade Commission); 
  2. characterize the six major types of identity theft; 
  3. identify the top ten scams Americans are facing every day in epic proportions;
  4. provide solutions for combating this undetectable, unstoppable crime.  

Whether you choose to hold the workshop in the comfort of your home, office, meet-up or virtual setting; your 20-30 minute gift will arm your guests with valuable information that will help them take steps to protect themselves.   

Don’t wait until a loved one, friend, employee or colleague becomes a victim.  Act now by scheduling your “Free” Identity Theft Workshop. Please call or write Deb Vosejpka at 651-274-0575 or email me at:  debvosejpka@gmail.com

P.S.  Ask about our virtual workshops for distance training, and “Employee Benefit Program” for small businesses.



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