For Older Adults, Worrisome Medical Debt May Be Forgiven Under Statewide Senior Partners Care Program

"Medical costs rise rapidly and it quickly becomes out of reach for someone like me," Amy explains. "This program has been a godsend."

Senior Partners Care, a statewide program of Senior Community Services, enables qualifying Minnesota seniors to get help bridging the burdensome financial gap between their medical bills and the partial amount covered by Medicare.

"Approximately Nearly 1 in 5 Minnesota seniors live in or near poverty. Most are on fixed incomes and spiraling medical costs can quickly become a major life stressor," says CEO Deb Taylor. "The Senior Partners Care program is a great opportunity unknown to many low-income seniors."

Minneapolis-based Senior Community Services has partnered with hundreds of hospitals, clinics and providers statewide. These healthcare providers have agreed to consider waiving all or part of the healthcare debt owed by qualifying seniors. Senior Community Services, a nonprofit organization, has helped seniors and their caregivers enhance quality of life and maintain independence since 1950. 

A Reprieve for Many Seniors

When Amy, 78, returned home after a hospital stay, she found her stress growing. She received bills for the medical costs not covered by her Medicare plan. The debt totaled thousands of dollars, a worrisome amount for Amy who lives modestly on a fixed income. Then, the collection calls came seeking payment. Amy, who has always paid her bills on time, felt overwhelmed by the stress of having such a debt hanging over her head.

Amy's daughter soon discovered Senior Partners Care. Amy had thousands of dollars in medical debt forgiven by the hospital. "Medical costs rise rapidly and it quickly becomes out of reach for someone like me," Amy explains. "This program has been a godsend."

Who is Eligible for Senior Partners Care?

The decision to waive a Medicare deductible, coinsurance or co-payment owed by a Minnesota senior is made based on a determination of the senior's financial needs. To qualify for Senior Partners Care, Minnesota seniors must receive care by participating medical providers, must have Medicare A & B, meet income and asset thresholds, and submit an application and a modest annual fee.

To speak with a staff member about Senior Partners Care, and for more information on the constellation of other services for seniors and caregivers, please visit nonprofit www.seniorcommunity.org or call toll-free 1-888-541-5488. Metro area seniors may call 952-767-0665


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